The Company now known as Gulf States Fabrication Inc. was conceived in the mind of John Low in 1954 . He incoperated the business as Low Cost Forms . The Company was manufacturing ,renting and selling forms to contractors in all the Gulf States areas. During the early 1980's the company was sold and then known as Medallist Industries Inc. They expanded their line of products in order to diversify their business. The company continued to operate till 1992 , when it was sold to Joe McCann as Gulf States Forming Systems . In July 1997, The Fabrication Division was sold to Steve Gavin and now known as Gulf States Fabrication Inc. Since 1997 we have brought in new lines of products and updated existing products sending the company to new heights. We have established an exelent customer base that now serves Dealers all over Mississippi , Louisana , Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Tennesee, Texas, Oklahoma, North & South Carolina, Kansas, Georgia, New Mexico, Washington, as well as alot of other States and overseas thru some U.S. Dealers. Gulf States Fabrication inc. manufactures all size , shape, and types of concrete forms related to Curb & gutter , Paving forms , flex forms , Reversable forms, Barrier & Bridge rail, Precast , Flat work, and many forms to pour concrete, used by Citys, States, in Sidewalks, Airports, Docks, Highways, Bridges and many more uses. We also build Wrought Iron Fences and Gates, Storm Shelters, Tanks, Commersial and residential BBQ Grills, Garbage and Recycle Dumpsters , Metal Trusses for residential and comersial buildings , Athletic & equiptment storage Lockers , We offer A Plasma Burning table Service , Press Break folding ,bending, & shaping service, Welding and Fabrication Service , all with endless possibilities.
Ph # 601-426-9006 or toll free # 1-888-426-9006 Fax # 601-426-9002
President Steve Gavin - Vice President and Secretary Brenda Gavin
5311 Hwy. 15 North Laurel, Mississippi 39443
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